SSLVPN, a secure access system, does not require installing the client software when used. The remote users only need to connect to Internet via standard explorer in order to visit the Intranet resources of enterprise.

Introduction on SSLVPN Usage: (Click to get detail guide)

Use SSLVPN to visit Huawei Intranet

1.You must guarantee that the Internet connection is available, which can be ordinary ADSL and block broadband. VPN is related with Internet quality.

2. Log in to SSLVPN: Run webpage, then you can select the nearest gateway to login in.There are 6 optional gateways about SSLVPN:

3. In the Login interface, Please enter the Username and the Password (Password is the Dynamic Passcode generated from RSA SecureID Software Token.).

4. After successful login, a red symbol "A" appears on the bottom-right corner of the screen, which indicates that SSLVPN is started. You need also to start the SPES 2.9 client (If no SPES 2.9, please install it first.), then select "Internet", click Auth. After successful authentication, you can use the applications such as NOTES and Email.

Look over the state of VPN:

1. When visiting the enterprise application systems through SSLVPN, a red icon of the SSLVPN client Array Utility Service 4,2,2,60 will be displayed in the Notification Area of Windows system. If you want to quit the system, just double click the icon A and click Disconnect.

2. Once the icon turns yellow, it means the SSLVPN client is about to disconnect, reminding you to log in to SSLVPN system again.

3. When the icon A turns grey, it means the SSLVPN client is already offline, and you can not visit the enterprise applications. If you want to reconnect, please double click the A icon, click Logout, and then select a gateway to log in to again.

Attention: Before the appointed tasks are completed, do not disconnect or log out from your Array Utility Service 4,2,2,60 program (Red A icon)

Uninstall the client-side software:
To uninstall the client-side software, please close the Array Utility Service 4,2,2,60 application program; Go to the "Control Panel" of Windows system -> "Add or Remove Programs" -> Delete "Array Installation Manager 4,2,2,60 (Array Networks)".

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